Abs after 40 workout a must-try for aging men, multi-sport athletes

The sad reality that we have to face sooner or later is that weight loss gets more and more difficult when we get older. The struggle gets tougher when men reach 40 years of age but the good news is that it can be combated. As the body changes, so does our weight loss needs.

It all has to do with aging. As the years go by, men run out of a crucial hormone that is necessary for continuous muscle growth and fat loss, testosterone. However, what most people don’t know is that if these levels fluctuate, it does not necessarily result in muscle growth. To understand that we need to understand how this hormone works.

How testosterone works on muscles

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced by the testes in men and from the ovaries in women. Since the Abs After 40 workout regime focuses on men, we will discuss the former. Men produce almost 7mg of this hormone every day [1] and once it joins the bloodstream, almost all of it is bound to albumin and globulin.

Now this binding has three purposes. One, it makes this hormone soluble thus transportable in the bloodstream, second, it prevents it from degrading when it passes through the kidneys and liver and third, it acts as a storage unit that is later utilized by the body to decrease fluctuations in plasma testosterone. Men have quite a lot of this hormone in their bodies in their 20s and their 30s but their bodies stop making it as regularly when they hit their 40s. Since it is necessary for muscle mass, a lack of it weakens them and makes any workout that they did during their younger days ineffective.

However, what most men don’t know is that they do not need very high levels of testosterone to bring that strength back. Fluctuation of those levels does not affect muscle growth as such [2]. Even if testosterone levels skyrocket if they lift weights on a regular basis that does not mean that they will achieve muscle growth at the same rate they were doing in their youth.

This has actually been proven by a study [3]conducted by the Charles R Drea University of Medicine and Science which concluded that high testosterone levels did not result in  greater muscular gain. They also discovered that as long as those levels were within the normal range (which is between 300 – 1000 ng/dl), there was no significant muscle growth as such until the levels surpassed that limit by about 20%.

So in order to lose weight effectively after 40 and keep those hormones balanced to ensure rapid weight loss, men have to understand that they cannot workout for a continuous hour without a break anymore. They can get rock hard abs with a simple yet effective workout regime that takes hormone production and muscle mass into account.

How Abs After 40 Works

Abs over 40 is a new workout regime which focuses on abdominal training that was created by fitness expert Mark Mcilyar who discovered that his body refused to work as well after 40. When he turned 48, he began experimenting with a number of different exercises in a bid to find one that could work on an aging male body. When he combined a number of programs into one, that’s when he came up with a combination that worked which he called Abs after 40.

According to this Abs after 40 review, the program is divided into 3 phases which eases individuals into a simple but effective workout that worked their core muscles.

1st Phase – In the initial phase, men who are using the plan are advised to start exercising and start eating a diet that can boost their testosterone levels simultaneously. The main aim of this stage is the loss of belly fat and other health issues that can be fatal if they are not curbed.

2nd Phase – In the second phase, men following the regime should have already experienced some fat loss especially in the abdominal area. In this phase, the compound exercise gets a bit difficult to maintain but the good news is that the hormone levels come back into balance as well. If you follow this program chances are you will feel an energy boost at this level.

3rd Phase – If the first two steps have been accomplished effectively, then the abs should be visible at this stage. With help from the ab training process called the A40s, at this stage you should start to see some muscle and definition in the abdominal region. Once that is done, it means your hormone levels are back on track and balanced. However, you need to ensure they remain that way by maintaining a strict diet and exercising regularly.

The workout plan also comprises of a nutrition plan which explains all of the food and ingredients you need to stick to post workout. This includes a meal plan detailing what you should eat each day. The recipes are not that difficult to follow and can be ready in less than an hour.

Keep in mind that this workout regime is designed specifically for men who are over 40 years of age or 40 years old. The low impact exercises are effective and gentle on stiff and aching joints and muscles but they won’t work on younger men as such. All of the exercises can be done at home with a few free weights so there is no need to purchase an expensive gym membership either.

Even if you hit 40 or are nearing 50 that does not mean you should forget your health. This training exercise can get you on the right track and keep you there as well if its directions are followed to the letter.